About Us

CERA is a group of dedicated volunteers working for the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Taiwan and Lower Mainland British Columbia.
Dog abuse and abandonment are widespread in Taiwan R.O.C.  Strays living on the streets face a dangerous and hopeless life, eventually ended up on death row in over-crowded killing pounds.  Please lend a kind hand to these Taiwanese dogs through fostering, adoption, donations, or recommendation CERA to someone’s dog search.  Foster placements in  Vancouver increases a dog's chances of finding a forever home in Canada.  Any and all support is very much appreciated.
Since 2008 our volunteers have supported Ocean Dog Rescue (ODR) through fundraising, educational programs, fostering, and application screening for hundreds of dogs and their families.
The volunteers, still very much dedicated to the cause have now incorporated the non-profit organization – Canine Education Rescue and Adoption (CERA) to pledge and continue our efforts in both local and overseas dog adoption. The organization’s name reflects our mandate of educating people about responsible dog ownership and carrying out the adoption process to re-home dogs in Taiwan and those surrendered in Lower Mainland BC.
All CERA dogs have been examined by veterinarians, are neutered/spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and micro-chipped.  For our overseas adoptions, we make sure our dogs are healthy to handle the long flight.  Each dog’s original medical certificates will be provided upon adoption. 
If you are a qualified adopter and the dog you applied for is no longer available we will do our best to find another dog that matches your criteria.  Continued work (housetraining, proper exercise, socialization etc.) of your adoptee is necessary to facilitate a successful transition.  We do not have a shelter facility for returned dogs so please consider the adoption very carefully before applying.
Before adopting a dog, please think about your lifestyle and the changes you have to make in order to offer a dog a suitable home. Owning a pet requires time, commitment, and patience. In addition, please consider the costs of pet ownership including but not limited to food, accessories, annual health care, and unforeseen medical expenses.
Please, DO NOT BUY a puppy from a pet store or animal broker as your money supports puppy mills.  Don't turn a blind eye while homeless pets from anywhere die!